Balcony Breakfasts- Beets no Amazuzuke (sweet pickled beets using Japanese rice vinegar)

I can feel the weather beginning to change this morning as I sit on my balcony and have my breakfast. Although there is still humidity in the air, I can feel the summer slowly start to fade away…

Today I would like to tell you how to make Beets no amazuzuke (sweet pickled beets using rice vinegar). It is a very simple recipe but it tastes great.


Rice vinegar
Turbinado sugar or a sweetener of your choice

Slice beets into thin sheets ( I used a cheese slicer)
Heat but do not boil vinegar in a pan and dissolve sugar. It is up to you how sweet you would like it.
Turn off heat and add sliced beets. After it has cooled put it in a container to store in the fridge.

Although they are pickles and should last a while I find the taste best within the first two days because I think the flavor of the beets comes out into the liquid.

To tell you the truth I didn’t really like beets before but after I made this recipe I started loving them. Its hard to pair beets with Japanese food but this recipe goes great with rice and can be treated as a side dish of tsukemono (japanese pickles).


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