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Pictures from today’s Brooklyn Tour

Today we visited a bunch of interesting places in Brooklyn.  Most of the shops that I included on my tour were reminiscent of the good old days in America.  From Antique shops to chocolate factories, we really got to enjoy a variety of shops. Thank you all for coming!


Organic Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

These days it is easy to find a variety of Japanese products all over New York City.  You don’t need to go to a Japanese supermarket to buy soy sauce, mirin, and sake anymore.  Places like Whole Foods and other supermarkets carry these items.  Shiitake mushrooms are one of the items that you can find almost anywhere.  However I had been finding it difficult to get dried organic shiitake mushrooms.  Most of the dried shiitake mushrooms sold in American and Japanese supermarkets are imported from China.

However, the other day when I was in Whole Foods I found a brand of Organic Shiitake mushrooms that are produced in the U.S..  These organic dried mushrooms are made by the brand Fungus among us.  They are sold at Whole foods but you can also purchase them online along with many other dried organic and non-organic products.  I used them to make dashi (soup stock) and the flavor that came out of them was very strong and delicious.  You can make vegetarian soup stocks from these dried shiitake mushrooms.  Try it for yourself!


みんなでランチをしながら英会話の練習をして、 買い物や町を見て回る時に使える単語やイディオムと表現を教えます。それからオススメスポットを見て回ります!















love this movie

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A quiet, heartwarming (I cried  a lot…), fairytale like ( ala Amelie, but then again totally different) and lovely japanese movie: Shiawase no pan

This movie made me breath, relax  and focus on the truly  important things in life. Poignant and simply beautiful!

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Japanese Drip Coffee: Why it’s better and where to buy supplies!

Last week I purchase my very own Hario drip coffee kettle and drip cone.  I had been wanting it for a while and after buying it I have no regrets!  Just pouring the water over the coffee grinds makes me happy every morning (that’s probably strange but it’s really true).

This article talks about how popular coffee is in Japan.  The New York Times: Coffee’s Slow Dance According to the article, Japan imports more coffee than France each year.  Japanese drip coffee is better than regular coffee because the water is poured slowly over the coffee compared to other coffee machines.  Some coffee shops in New York use the Japanese drip coffee technique like Blue Bottle Coffee who’s main store is in Brooklyn.

I bought my drip coffee supplies at Porto Rico Importing Co. at their Brooklyn location.  This shop has a variety of coffees and teas as well as accessories. I highly recommend it!



9/15 Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea at Central Park

This past weekend at Central Park we practiced English conversation while drinking tea and eating sweets at Central Park.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better day” (an expression that I taught in the class) and it was really true!  The weather was beautiful.  The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze.  I could really feel that the Autumn is nearby.

This event’s theme was “Small Talk”.  We discussed different expressions that are used to make conversation in different situations.  We also did partner work and practiced actually using these expressions in a dialogue.

For this event I made three different desserts:  mini-apple pie, matcha cookie, and vegan sweet potato drop cookies.

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