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『11月10日』2時〜4時 英会話アフタヌーンティー:秋のクラフト



『11月17日』2時〜4時 英会話アフタヌーンティー:サンクスギビングスペシャルー料理で英語レッスン

ご興味がある方は( )までご連絡下さい。皆様からのご連絡をお待ちしています!


Bilingual Children’s Halloween Party @ Resobox

This past weekend we held our Bilingual Children’s Halloween Part at the Resobox in Long Island City.  We enjoyed Halloween songs and crafts. The best part was that everyone looked great in their costumes!! Here are the pics from the event!:

This Weekend! Mommy and me Halloween Party @ The Resobox

Bilingual children and parents, come join us for our Bilingual Halloween event this weekend at The Resobox. (to register please send an email to  We will sing Japanese and English songs, make our very own trick-or-treat bag, and eat homemade halloween snacks!  Oh, and the best part is everyone gets to wear their Halloween costume! (parents optional of course!)

Don’t miss this special event! For more information please click here–>

To register please send an email to

Wreath Making @ Central Park Event 10/13

This past weekend I health my Autumn Wreath Making event at Central Park.  This was a great opportunity for everyone to practice their English language skills naturally while enjoying autumn crafts.  The weather was beautiful at Central Park (just a little chilly!).  I brought my homemade earl grey cookies, matcha cookies, and kabocha salad and hummus sandwiches.  It was interesting to see how unique and beautiful everyone’s wreath was.  Thank you all for coming!











ご興味がある方は( )までご連絡下さい。


Japanese Food and Restaurant Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Japanese Food and Restaurant Expo (JFRE) at the Metropolitan Pavilion as a translator for demonstrations by Natsuko Yamawaki of Hakkoan and Junya Miura of Yopparai.

Natsuko Yamawaki of Hakkoan showed everyone how to make shio-koji, an all-natural healthy seasoning and flavor enhancer that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan.  Natsuko-san also showed the audience how to use shio-koji along with seasonal ingredients to create a delicious baked salmon and mushroom dish.

The audience looked very surprised by how much flavor and umami the shio-koji added to the dish.  You can check out there facebook page here:


Chef Junya Miura from Yopparai restaurant shared his knowledge of the origins of oden as well as techniques and tricks on how to make delicious oden.

He showed the audience how to cut daikon using a knife technique known as “mentori” or rounding the edges.  He also showed the audience how to score the konnyaku in order to allow the flavor of the soup to soak in properly.  Many people who viewed the demonstration expressed that they had made oden before but did not know the proper techniques that Chef Miura demonstrated.  Many people were also not familiar with the amount of time that it takes to simmer oden to get good results (at least 2 days!)

I also had the opportunity to visit Yopparai Restaurant before the Restaurant Show.

Yopparai opened about a half year ago and is located on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

The oden was really good and the place had a wonderful atmosphere.

Check it out if you get a chance or are in the area! Website:

Simmered Kabocha and Mushrooms

Fall is my favorite season, and one of the reasons is because I love fall vegetables and fruits. I love Japanese Kabocha whether it is cooked to be savory or sweet.  I made this simmered dish using konbu and katsuo dashi along with sake and tamari. The other dishes are haiga (sprouted brown rice), miso soup, and spinach with sesame sauce.

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