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Cold Springs New York- Thanksgiving Vacation


This Thanksgiving I went back to my hometown, New City, NY.  It was a really relaxing weekend filled with a lot of baking and cooking and of course, shopping!

On Monday we took a day trip to Cold Springs New York.

It was a really cute town filled with antique shops and cafes.

We ate a great restaurant called Le Bouchon.

The vegetable risotto with prawns and the mussels were my favorite!

This is the front of one of the antique shops.  It looked really cute but unfortunately it was closed on Mondays. Guess we’ll have to go back again!


Cooking in English: Thanksgiving Special

This past Saturday I held Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea: Thanksgiving special.

We learned how to prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey!

We also learned about reading recipes in English and practiced by making cornbread together.

At the end of class everyone got to enjoy several different traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Please visit katagoo to see what she thought about the class!

New Hampshire Trip

Although it was quite a while ago I never got a chance to write about my trip to New Hampshire…

It was a beautiful time to go because the leaves were changing.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the changing seasons in New York City, so I was really excited.


The first night we had homemade sushi!


We also made amazake.

『11月17日』2時~4時 英会話アフタヌーンティー:サンクスギビングスペシャルー料理で英語レッスン

『11月17日』2時~4時 英会話アフタヌーンティー:サンクスギビングスペシャルー料理で英語レッスン


Turkey with Gravy
Stuffed pumpkin
String Bean Casserole
Apple Pie


ご興味がある方は( )までご連絡下さい。

Pictures from Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea: Fall Crafts

Yesterday I held Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea: Fall crafts. We all enjoyed english conversation over tea and snacks.

I served amazake cookies, vegan rasberry scones and shiokoji mushroom mini-sanwiches. Oh and of course English tea!



We made natural soy candles and autumn candle holders using recyclable material.

Thank you all for coming! I am looking forward to next week’s Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea: Thanksgiving Special.

DIY Chalk Paint

I decided that I really wanted to change the look of this table.  Black really doesn’t go well in our apartment and this table is getting really old.  I wanted to give it an antique/distressed look so after some research I found out that I needed chalk paint.  But when I went to the store to buy it I found out that it was really expensive!  So I decided to make chalk paint by myself by mixing flat paint with with un-sanded grout. After that I just sanded the edges and put a finishing wax on it.  It only took about an hour for the whole project!


Chalk paint:

1 cup flat pain: 1 tbsp Un-sanded Grout








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