Nolita Market

The other day I stopped by Lolita Market on my way back from the herb doctor in Chinatown.

I really liked the way the market was set up as well as their interesting local products.

They served handcrafted pickles that are made in Brooklyn by a brand called Sour Puss Pickles. There were many different varieties of pickles including string beans, corn, carrots, and even cauliflower!



I also really liked how the liquid soaps are sold in bulk and you buy your own bottle and fill it up yourself. When you run out of soap you can come back to refill your bottle. This is a great way to avoid wasting plastic bottles.



They also had a variety of local jams that are pectin free and all natural.


They had some interesting products with Japanese influence as well like Genmai Rice Syrup (Brown Rice Syrup) and Organic Black bean spaghetti!



There was a great looking coffee bar at the front of the store but unfortunately I had already drank two cups that day…next time!




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