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The Nutbox on Smith Street

I stopped by this shop a while ago on the way to visit a friend in Brooklyn. Despite its name “The Nutbox” it actually sells a lot more than just nuts.


They sell a wide variety of organic and non-organic  grains and beans, snacks, chocolate, and yes, of course nuts.
They also have snacks made with sweeteners like brown rice syrup instead of sugar as well. I was surprised to see some Japanese products like azuki beans and soybeans being sold there.



They have a coffee bar as well so you can enjoy a coffee while browsing through the store. I recommend the coconut-date snack and the cocoa covered almonds!

The Nutbox


163 smith Street, Brooklyn


Samurai Mama- Kabocha Pudding


I have always like the hojicha pudding at samurai mama but when I went last I got to try the kabocha pudding. It was great!

What looks like a scoop of ice cream on top is actually frozen cream. It has a really interesting texture.

For those of you who are not familiar with kabocha, it is a Japanese pumpkin.  Kabocha contains many vitamins and nutrients and tastes delicious as well. So if you’re in the area I strongly recommend you try samurai mama’s kabocha pudding!

Pictures from today’s Brooklyn Tour

Today we visited a bunch of interesting places in Brooklyn.  Most of the shops that I included on my tour were reminiscent of the good old days in America.  From Antique shops to chocolate factories, we really got to enjoy a variety of shops. Thank you all for coming!


みんなでランチをしながら英会話の練習をして、 買い物や町を見て回る時に使える単語やイディオムと表現を教えます。それからオススメスポットを見て回ります!















Japanese Drip Coffee: Why it’s better and where to buy supplies!

Last week I purchase my very own Hario drip coffee kettle and drip cone.  I had been wanting it for a while and after buying it I have no regrets!  Just pouring the water over the coffee grinds makes me happy every morning (that’s probably strange but it’s really true).

This article talks about how popular coffee is in Japan.  The New York Times: Coffee’s Slow Dance According to the article, Japan imports more coffee than France each year.  Japanese drip coffee is better than regular coffee because the water is poured slowly over the coffee compared to other coffee machines.  Some coffee shops in New York use the Japanese drip coffee technique like Blue Bottle Coffee who’s main store is in Brooklyn.

I bought my drip coffee supplies at Porto Rico Importing Co. at their Brooklyn location.  This shop has a variety of coffees and teas as well as accessories. I highly recommend it!




場所: Resobox 41-26 27th Street Long Island City, NY 11101

時間:9月8日 (土)2時~3時半


お菓子:Resobox のカフェメニューの好きな飲み物と手作りのお菓子を楽しめます。お菓子は体に優しいお菓子でグルテンフリーのオプションもあります。

参加費: 親子 35ドル (飲み物とお菓子付き)


一緒にアフタヌーンティーを楽しみながら、英会話を学びませんか ?


時間:9月15日 (土) 2時~3時半

場所: セントラルパーク

参加費: 30ドル(お菓子とお茶付き)


9月29日 (土)英会話ブルックリンツーア:ブルックリンのオススメスポットを見て回りながら英会話を学びましょう!

みんなでランチをしながら英会話の練習をして、 買い物や町を見て回る時に使える単語やイディオムと表現を教えます。それから人気なオススメスポットと秘密のいいカフェやマーケット、レストランなどおしゃれなショップを見て回ります。お店で習った表現を使ってみてみんなで見るものを話しをして、自然なシチュエーションで英会話を学びましょう。






Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea and more Eikaiwa Events! ☆ September Schedule☆

9/8 Mommy and me: Let’s Play in English! Welcoming the Autumn Season

Location: Resobox 41-26 27th Street  Long Island City, NY 11101

Date: September 8th, 2-3:30pm
Theme: Welcoming the Autumn Season
We will learn English while doing a traditional american arts and crafts project with the theme of Autumn.
We will also enjoy a story about Autumn in English and learn about other popular American Children’s stories.
Come and participate in and learn about traditional Autumn activities in America while learning English at the same time!
Treats: Everyone can enjoy their choice of drink from Resobox’s cafe menu. Healthy snacks including gluten-free options will be served as well.
Fee:  Price for mother and child together: $35 ( two drinks from the Resobox cafe and snacks included )

9/15 Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea: Building Relationships and Making New Relationships in English
Location: Central Park
Date: September 15th, 2-3:30pm
Theme:  In this Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea event we will focus on “Small Talk”.  
Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you meeting English speakers for the first time? Do you sometimes not know what to say when you see your coworker in the elevator or bump into your neighbor at the grocery store?  Small talk is a basic conversational skill that may seem simple but is absolutely necessary when communicating with English speakers in everyday life as well as business situations.  It is language that is used as an “Icebreaker”. Come and learn how to build relationships with English speakers confidently!
Fee:  $30 (tea and sweets included)

9/29 Eikaiwa Brooklyn Tour:  Learn about Brooklyn Hot Spots while Practicing English Conversation at the Same Time!
Location:  Brooklyn (Williamsburg Area)
Date: September 29th, 12:30-3:30pm
Theme:  Come and explore Brooklyn’s popular and trendy area, Williamsburg and practice your English conversation skills at the same time!  
We will first meet for lunch and practice English conversation.  Students will also be provided with new expressions and vocabulary that will be useful for our tour.
We will then visit some hot spots in the neighborhood (some hidden and some popular) shops, cafes, and restaurants.
Come and practice your English and improve your conversations skills naturally by using them in a real-life situation!
Fee: $50 (Lunch included)

***All events have new material so even if you have joined a previous event, there will never be a repeat of content.  Everyone who joins an event will receive $5 off the next event. There is also a 10% discount for couples who sign up together!

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