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Madison Georgia- The Farmhouse Inn


This past weekend we took a small trip to Georgia for my Uncle’s retirement party. I have so many things to write about but I’ll start with this wonderful place at we stayed at in Madison Georgia, The Farmhouse Inn.


The Farmhouse Inn is a beautifully designed inn on 100 Acre Farm. Some of the rooms were actually featured in Southern Living for their wonderful design.


We walked through the trails around the farm, looked at the farm animals, and took a rest by a small pond along the trail.



We enjoyed playing with the farm animals, especially this cute little goat.


We also got to eat a great breakfast with farm fresh eggs in the morning.










Weekend in the Hamptons/North Fork

This past weekend with visited Hampton Bays. We had a nice time riding our bikes to the ocean and eating seafood.
We had great clam chowder at Tully’s in Hampton Bays. We also bought salmon there and fresh asparagus from a nearby vegetable stand called Nurel’s and made a nice dinner.


We also visited a few farms in the North Fork of long Island. They had beautiful potted plants and fresh vegetables.
They also had some free-range chicken farms and goat farms.

Day trip to Beacon NY

Yesterday we took trip to to Beacon, NY. It was about an hour and a half car ride from Brooklyn.

There were a bunch of cute cafes, antique shops, and vintage shops.


This was a handcrafted soap shop that we went to.


I thought this was a really great idea. It was on the wall at the vintage shop that we visited called blackbird attic.

This was my favorite cafe out of the cafes that we visited. They only sell coffee so you’ll need to stop by another place for sweets. But the interior of the cafe was awesome and they had an old record player playing music. Check out their website : Tas Kafe



This restaurant served hand crafted beers and artisanal fare. The tables were made out of empty beer kegs. We really loved this restaurant. Here is the website: The Hop


The parsnip soup and pork pâté were great!




Beacon, NY isn’t too far from Cold Springs so if you have some extra time check out Cold Springs too!

Shareen Vintage Shop in NYC


Yesterday I visited Shareen Vintage in the flatiron district. I thought I had the wrong address at first because the when I arrived it looked like I was at someone’s apartment.  But when I walked up the steps it said to “ring the buzzer and announce yourself” to enter Shareen’s Vintage.


And so I did, and I walked up a flight of stairs until I arrived at what still looked like someone’s apartment. But when I went inside there was a lovely girl who greeted me and asked me if I was looking for anything in particular.  She said that there are no dressing rooms and to just try on the clothing wherever I felt most comfortable. I was the only one in the store so I had a lot of options 🙂


They had a large selections of vintage dresses which were really lovely. They also have a small room of wedding dresses in the back.  The whole experience was really interesting and definitely worth checking out.


A Winter Wonderland – Lake Placid

This past weekend we took a trip to Lake Placid.  We stayed at a beautiful place called the Lake Placid Lodge.  Although the theme of this page is Day trips, adventures and getaways not too far from Brooklyn, Lake Placid was quite far.  Actually about 5 hours, but well worth the trip!

We went to a bunch of antique shops.  They were very different from the antique shops around Brooklyn.  There was a distinct adirondack style to most of the items in the stores.

We went to this really cute cafe in a town called Keene.  The name of the cafe was ADK Cafe and they had homemade soups, pastries and bread.

This was the lodge that we stayed in.  Our cabin was right by the lake so we woke up every morning to see the beautiful lake.

A new baby!

I spent this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida with my cousins and their new baby!


Baby Parker in the bath


Baby Parker with mommy and Mr. McDougal


Baby Park going for a car ride


Baby Parker playing with mommy


Baby Parker sleeping


Me and Baby Parker



…. Sorry I just had to…

Cold Springs New York- Thanksgiving Vacation


This Thanksgiving I went back to my hometown, New City, NY.  It was a really relaxing weekend filled with a lot of baking and cooking and of course, shopping!

On Monday we took a day trip to Cold Springs New York.

It was a really cute town filled with antique shops and cafes.

We ate a great restaurant called Le Bouchon.

The vegetable risotto with prawns and the mussels were my favorite!

This is the front of one of the antique shops.  It looked really cute but unfortunately it was closed on Mondays. Guess we’ll have to go back again!

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