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Wreath Making with Natural Materials

This past weekend I held a wreath making class. We used a combination of natural and handmade materials for our wreaths.  Some of the natural materials included dried oranges and lemons, nuts, cinnamon sticks, and anisette.

I prepared a few snacks and sweets as well: Macrobiotic bundt cake, hummus and beet spread sandwiches, and dried cranberry vegan scones. I paired them with Mariebelle English Breakfast tea.

Everyone’s wreath came out great! Thank you for coming!


9/15 Eikaiwa Afternoon Tea at Central Park

This past weekend at Central Park we practiced English conversation while drinking tea and eating sweets at Central Park.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better day” (an expression that I taught in the class) and it was really true!  The weather was beautiful.  The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze.  I could really feel that the Autumn is nearby.

This event’s theme was “Small Talk”.  We discussed different expressions that are used to make conversation in different situations.  We also did partner work and practiced actually using these expressions in a dialogue.

For this event I made three different desserts:  mini-apple pie, matcha cookie, and vegan sweet potato drop cookies.

Is your English too formal??- ESL casual English expressions for everyday life

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet – American Proverb


When communicating with people in New York it is sometimes a good idea to NOT be too formal in your speaking. Of course, in business situations it may be important to use formal English.

However in everyday life, you may want to try to be a little more casual.  By speaking formally, your English might sound unnatural and stiff.  It may also make it difficult to get close (become friends) to other people.  The best way to improve your English skills is to try to communicate with the native speakers around you.

Next time, try using these casual expressions when trying to make new friends!


Casual Greetings

 “How’s it going” – a casual way of saying “How are you”


How do I answer this question?


“I am good, how about you?” or “I’m not doing so well today, and yourself?”



Inviting someone to have a meal together


“Let’s go for a bite to eat sometime” – a casual way to say let’s have lunch/dinner together


How can I say yes?


“That sounds good” or “Sure, I’d love to.”


How do I schedule a date/time to go?


“When is good for you?” – casual way of saying “When would be a convenient time for you?”


“How about tomorrow at 6?” – casual way of saying “Would you be able to meet tomorrow at 6?”


“It’s a plan!” – casual way of saying “Sure, I would love to meet tomorrow at that time”

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