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Vegan Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies


I made these green tea cookies the other day using Japanese green tea powder, also known as Matcha. Traditionally, matcha has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies. However, in recent times matcha has been used in various Japanese sweets and sometimes even in soba noodles.

The matcha in these cookies really add a lot of depth in flavor. The chocolate chips and walnuts created a wonderfully chewy and crunchy texture.


Roasted Green Tea Cookies


Today I made roasted green tea cookies. Roasted green tea, know as hojicha in Japanese is actually green tea that has been roasted over charcoal. This technique originated in Kyoto Japan. I used hojicha in an untraditional way by adding it to my cookies! Oh, and I forgot to mention, they’re vegan too !

Matcha Yokan-Japanese Traditional Dessert


Yokan is a Japanese dessert that is made of bean paste (typically adzuki or white kidney beans), agar, and sugar.  We received this yokan as a gift and it was delicious!  This yokan is made of matcha and shiroan (white kidney bean paste).  I personally prefer yokan made out of shiroan compared to adzuki.  In New York you can find yokan at Japanese supermarkets like Sunrise Supermarket (41st Street btw. 5th + Madison) or for a higher quality yokan you can go to Minamoto Kitchoan which is located near Rockefeller Center.

However the one that we had was Toraya Yokan which is very famous and high reputation.  If you are ever in Japan please visit one of their shops: Toraya Website 

They also have some locations in California!

Where to eat Mont Blanc-Japanese chestnut cream cake in New York


I don’t think that there’s anyone who like Mont Blanc (Japanese chestnuts cream cake) more than I do.  One of the things I miss most about Japan is that you could find Mont Blanc at almost all of the bakeries, cafes, department store basements, and even the convenience store!

However there are actually a bunch of cafes and bakeries that serve this delicious cake right here in New York as well!

Lady M is located on the Upper East Side. Even though Lady M is not a Japanese bakery, they serve many Japanese style cakes and pastries, one of them being Mont Blanc!  If you like chestnuts and cream and of course cake, I’m sure you’ll love this dessert.  Lady M also has a bunch of other desserts that are great like their green tea cake and green tea mille feuille.  Why not try them all!

Cocoron Soba Restaurant: Second Store

Yesterday I visited Cocoron’s second store in New York for the first time.  There first store is located just down the street but the second store was much larger and spacious. I felt a lot more relaxed eating in their new restaurant because in the previous one it always felt too crowded and busy to enjoy a meal.  While their cold soba is usually better, I think that there hot soba was better this time.  I also tried their green tea parfait for dessert (it was great!).  Their homemade mochi ice cream was really great as well!

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