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Traditional Japanese New Years Food: Rolled Omelet Recipe

 Datemaki (rolled omelet) is a traditional Japanese New Years food. It is quite similar to tamagoyaki which is  every day home cooking. You can also find tamagoyaki and sushi restaurants where it is paced on top of rice and served as a type of sushi. While tamagoyaki is usually made in a fry pan, datemaki is baked.

There are a variety of different ways to make datemaki but I used a very simple recipe. This actually might have been the easiest of the recipes that we used for our osechi-ryori

1. You will first need to prepare the pan in which you will bake the datemaki.  I used a square pan (8X8) but you can use whatever type of pan that you have but if you decided to use a larger pan then you should double this recipe.  Using a piece of parchment paper and a stapler, create a box that is about 2 inches deep.  Fasten the corners with a stapler.  You will be pouring the datemaki mixture in here later on.

2. You basically just take all of these ingredients and put them into a mixer and mix until smooth. Simple!


1 sheet of hanpen (fish cake)

4 eggs

1 tbsp of cooking sake

4 tbsp of sugar


3.  Pour the mixture into the pan lined with your parchment paper box and put it in the over at 400 F for about 25 minutes.


4.  Remove egg from the paper and lay down on a bamboo mat rolling mat with the dark side facing up and roll into a scroll like shape.  Make sure that you roll it as tightly as possible. **Make sure that you do this step while the egg is still hot.


5.  Cover the bamboo wrapped omelet with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. I kept it in the wrapped in the refrigerator over night with no problem.  When you are ready to serve it remove it from the wrap and cut it into slices (about 1 inch) and serve!


Osechi-Ryori Completed!


After much preparation we finally finished making all of the dishes that we wanted to have in our osechi-ryori.

This year we made kobumaki (carrot, fried tofu, and burdock root wrapped in kelp), kuromame (black soybeans simmered in a sweet and savory sauce made from soy sauce and sugar), shio-koji Tai (red snapper marinated in shio-koji), dattemake (a sweet Japanese rolled omelet made with fish cake and egg), chikuzen-ni (assorted vegetables braised in a sweet and savory stock), namasu (shredded daikon and carrot in a sweet and sour vinegar sauce), tataki gobo (burdock root with sesame sauce), o-zoni (a soup made with stock taken from bonito and kelp) and kuri-kinton (sweet potato and chestnut dessert).

Over the next few days I will be sharing the recipes for these tasty dishes!

Osechi Ryori- Japanese New Years Food


Osechi Ryori is eaten in Japan at New Years. It consists of many special foods that are not usually eaten throughout the year.  Many of the foods are symbolic or contain special meaning such as good health or prosperity.  These foods are displayed in “jubako”, special boxes traditionally made of lacquer.

Many of the foods in Osechi Ryori can be made in advance and kept at room temperature without going bad.  We have already started making some of the items to go in our jubako.  One of the items that we made today is kobumaki.


Kombu and kampyo are both dried and need to be soaked in water before using

Kobumaki is made by wrapping vegetables such as carrots and gobo (burdock root) in kombu (kelp).  It is the tightly tied shut with kampyo (dried gord).  It is then simmered in a soup stock made from kombu, soy sauce, sake and sugar.


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